When I was emailed a free invitation to the world’s first theater production combining VR and a real world audience, I figured “Why not?”  I’ve always enjoyed watching live plays, from small local productions all the way to a large scale broadway show, and as a fan of video games and VR in general, I figured the combination of the two could be pretty cool.

Getting into the play was easy.  All I had to do was reserve a free ticket at eventbrite and I was emailed instructions on how to enter the theater through the High Fidelity app.

I happened to catch one of the final performances on September 6, just a day before Loveseat was set to finish.

I’d never used High Fidelity before, but the process was simple enough.  I downloaded the High Fidelity app, put Loveseat in the GOTO section in the window at the time of the performance, and I was in the virtual theater.  I took a couple of minutes to figure out how to move around my avatar, exploring my surroundings as  I did so.

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