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Pros and cons of managed SASE

AmerCareRoyal, which provides disposable products for the food service and hospitality industries, is the product of six mergers and acquisitions over the past several years, and its former network security setup couldn’t keep up. Jeff DeSandre, who joined the company as CIO in 2019, wanted an SD-WANplatform that came with

What to expect from SASE certifications

Secure access service edge (SASE) is a network architecture that rolls SD-WAN and security into a single, centrally-managed cloud service that promises simplified WAN deployment, improved security, and better performance. According to Gartner, SASE’s benefits are transformational because it can speed deployment time for new users, locations, applications, and devices,

Latest Data Center Knowledge articles

Denial of Service Attacks Expected To Get Bigger, Nastier

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack can take down a company’s infrastructure, communications, applications, or other services. It costs money to recover from such an attack, but the revenue losses due to outages can be even higher. In 2021, the scale of these attacks hit record highs, and they

Top Three Use Cases for AI in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals are facing an unprecedented threat environment, with record-high numbers of attacks, shortage of qualified staff, and increasing aggression and sophistication from nation-state actors. For many data center cybersecurity managers, the silver bullet for all these problems is artificial intelligence. It promises to allow security teams to handle more

Latest The New Stack articles

Planning a Cloud Native Tooling Strategy in Uncertain Times

When you start to adopt Kubernetes (or indeed any other technology), you’re making decisions from the very first moment. Which cloud vendor do you choose to host your workloads? Which Kubernetes distribution? Which service mesh? Which logging tool? Read the full story at The New Stack.

Citrix Has Gone Private. Here’s What It Means for DevOps.

Citrix Systems, a software company with a long history of reorganizing, announced in January that it had entered into an agreement to be acquired by affiliates of two private equity companies, Vista Equity Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital Corporation (an affiliate of Elliott Investment Management). With the $16.5 billion, all-cash

Is a Recession Coming? Here’s How to Cut IT Costs Wisely

A growing number of financial experts predict that a global economic slowdown — possibly a recession — is on the way. As CEOs prepare for an economic decline, they’ll be asking their chief technology officers and IT managers to cut costs. Read the full story at The New Stack.

Q&A: Why Devs Are at the Forefront of a ‘Revolution in Data’

The database field is full of vendors that seek to make it easier for developers and their teams to run their workloads in cloud native environments. For example, with the recent release of Aerospike Database 6, data-platform company Aerospike has added developer-friendly features to its database, including native support for

Latest MetaStellar articles

Neuralink says monkeys died because of brain implants

Neuralink says monkeys died because of brain implants By Alex Korolov Don’t rush out and get Elon Musk’s brain implant just yet. According to news reports, 21 percent of Neuralink’s test monkeys died after experiments. Earlier this week, Neuralink admitted in a blog post that they have euthanized a number

Gaming industry heavyweight launches metaverse for music and games

Gaming industry veteran Steve Gray, former executive at Tencent Games, the world’s largest gaming studio, is getting into the metaverse business. His new company, Meta Music Studios, launched The Apollo Project last week, a blockchain-based gaming platform for music and games, with its first game TAP Stars, an avatar growing game, set

AI in 2020: Facial recognition discriminates against race and gender

One thing we learned from 2020 is not to trust AI facial recognition –it’s biased against race and gender. Racial inequality is a big deal in 2020. You might recall the Black Lives Matter protests that brought millions of people out into the streets over the summer. Large tech companies

Latest Hypergrid Business articles

Organizations have security concerns as they prepare to enter the metaverse

More companies are planning to invest in the new frontier that is the metaverse, but cybersecurity threats are a top concern, according to a study released today by cybersecurity company Tenable. The metaverse is envisioned as a 3D version of the internet that’s a shared virtual space where people spend

Gaming tech is biggest driver in evolution of metaverse says new report

Gaming technology will be the biggest driving force for the evolution of the metaverse in the near term, according to a new report published last week by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Video game publishers will be pushing deeper into live service platforms whose virtual worlds exhibit the potential of the metaverse,

Marketplace suspends almost all NFT sales due to rampant fakes

Plagiarism and scams are a serious problem in the NFT space — and it’s gotten so bad that one NFT marketplace has suspended almost all NFT sales on its platform. Cameron Hejai, founder and CEO of Cent NFT marketplace, announced in a statement that Cent is removing the ability to

Motorola and Verizon release 5G neckband to lighten up virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets are bulky and two companies have collaborated to take the weight off your head for augmented and virtual reality — and put it around your neck instead. Motorola yesterday announced a 5G neckband that’ll put connectivity, processing, and the battery in a collar and leave your heads up

Biggest marketplace for non-fungible tokens admits at least 80 percent are knock-offs

OpenSea, the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens openly admitted last Thursday that over 80 percent of the items created using their free minting tool were plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam. Read full article at Hypergrid Business.

New VR boots aim to make walking realistic for job training

It’s too expensive and it’s not available yet, but there’s a startup company that says we’ll be able to walk in VR. Ekto VR, a VR hardware startup, has invented a pair of boots that allow realistic walking in virtual environments with no risk of running into a wall or

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